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AVA-AK: Oumalik Vegetation Plots (Ebersole 1985)

Aava oumalik jebersole 1985 a sitephoto metadata Alaska Geobotany Center (AGC) - Arctic Vegetation Archive - Alaska: Oumalik Vegetation Plots. The vegetation in the vicinity of Oumalik Oil Well Number 1 was described and mapped by J. Ebersole for his doctoral thesis at the University of Colorado, Department of Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology (Ebersole 1985). Funding for the research came primarily from the Cold Climate Research Laboratory based on...
2019-09-30 13:47:24 -0800
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AVA-AK: ATLAS-1 (Atqasuk, Barrow, Ivotuk, Oumalik) Vegetation Studies (Edwards et al. 2000)

Aava atlas1 dwalker 2000 plotmap anc Alaska Geobotany Center (AGC) - Arctic Vegetation Archive-Alaska: ATLAS-1. Vegetation from 15 releves within 8 different grids at Barrow, Atqasuk, Ivotuk and Oumalik were described as part of the NSF-funded Arctic Transition in Land-Atmosphere System (ATLAS) project. The full ATLAS Transect also includes locations at Council and Quartz Creek, which are in the ATLAS-2 dataset (Raynolds et al. 2002). The focus of the ATLAS...
2019-09-27 16:35:38 -0800
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Seward Peninsula Range Mapping (Swanson et al. 1985)

Aga seward vegetation swanson 1985 Alaska Geobotany Center (AGC) - In 1976, the Northwest Alaska Native Association (NANA) and the Reindeer Herders Association (RHA) asked the Alaska Soil and Water Conservation District and the United States Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service (SCS) for assistance in developing and applying range management plans for reindeer. In response the SCS carried out a 15 million acre survey of 19 reindeer grazing...
2019-08-16 12:28:52 -0800
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Landsat MSS-derived land-cover map of the Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Aga seward landcover thayer snyder 2000 Alaska Geobotany Center (AGC) - This land cover map of the Seward Peninsula is based on a classification of Multi-Spectral Scanner (MSS) data. The Landsat multiple scene mosaic was furnished by the USGS, EROS Data Center, and an Isoclass clustering algorithm used to arrive at 10 broad land-cover classes. **References** Raynolds, M.K., Martin, C.R., Walker, D.A., Moody, A., Wirth, D., Thayer-Snyder, C. 2002. ATLAS...
2019-08-19 12:08:35 -0800
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