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Imnavait Creek Area (Walker & Maier 2008)

The Imnavait Creek vegetation area is located near the center of the Upper Kuparuk River region, east of Toolik Lake. It encloses a 20-km2 area south of the Dalton Highway that includes both Imnavait Creek and the Toolik River in the center and stretches from the Kuparuk River on the west to the headwaters of Oksrukuyik Creek on the east. It includes the experimental areas around Imnavait Creek and the ridges that run north to south between the drainages. The area contains surfaces with irregular topography that were glaciated during the mid-Pleistocene.

The vegetation map portrays the physiognomy of the dominant plant communities in each mapped polygon. Fifty-one landcover types were recognized in the field (minimum mapping unit approximately 250 m2). These were later grouped into the 14 physiognomic vegetation units on the map, which correspond to the same units on the 1:63,360-scale map of the upper Kuparuk River region (Walker & Maier 2008). This geobotanical map is a vector map (shp) with fields for vegetation, surficial geomorphology, surficial geology, glacial geology, and percent water.

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Map Themes: Elevation, Glacial Geology, Landforms, Percent Water, SPOT, Surficial Geology, Surficial Geomorphology, Vegetation


Walker, D. A. and H. A. Maier 2008. Vegetation in the vicinity of the Toolik Field Station, Alaska. Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Biological Papers of the University of Alaska #28.


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